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How to delete blank/empty lines

Select the text Press Ctrl + H (or click Find->Replace) Make sure you have selected ‘regular expression’ (press Alt + R) Find what: ^\n Replace With: (nothing, leave in blank)

Table ‘mysql.servers’ doesn’t exist

This error showed up after upgrading Plesk. I was adding a database user and received this error: Error: Connection to the database server has failed: Table ‘mysql.servers’ doesn’t exist To fix this issue SSH to server Issue this command mysql_fix_privilege_tables –user=admin –password=<admin passord> –verbose Should see multiple lines pass through and will end with “done”

Twitter Share Bookmarklet

The bookmarklet will: Receive a short URL from the API Open up your twitter homepage in a new tab (Firefox) or in a pop up with the short URL and the page title included in the textarea (Or take you to the twitter login page, which will then redirect)To install just drag this link/button

Adobe Air Uninstall

cd “/Volumes/Adobe AIR/Adobe AIR”sudo ./”Adobe AIR Installer” -uninstall OR (cd is dependant on new Air App folder structure) cd /Volumes/Adobe AIR/Adobe AIR ./Adobe AIR Installer -uninstall

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